If it’s not BOAK, don’t fix it!

Ohio Turnpike

Building Type:
Roofing, Siding / Wall Systems
, Ohio

Ohio Turnpike – new Mainline Plaza, Utility Building and Canopies at Milepost 211

  • Installed new flat and sloped Ridged Polyiso Roof insulation to new metal roof decks.
  • Installed new .060 Grey PVC Membrane Roofing system.
  • Installed all related base flashings and terminations complete with Sheet metal Fascia, Scuppers, Collector Heads and Downspouts.
  • Installed new 18 GA Z Furring at all walls.
  • Installed new wall insulation between Z Furring.
  • Installed new Clear Anodized, Bronze and Green Aluminum Flush wall panels and soffits complete with all Trim and Flashings.

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