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We Are Your Expert Contractors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Boak & Sons, headquartered in the heart of Youngstown, Ohio, isn’t just about roofs—it’s about turning your home into a masterpiece! But guess what? Our reach extends beyond the Buckeye State. 

Welcome to the Boak & Sons Extravaganza!

Pittsburgh, We’ve Got You Covered for you commercial exterior needs!  From the Steel City to the rolling hills, we’re here to sprinkle some magic on your rooftops.  Our services aren’t just about gutters and siding; they’re about turning your property into a beautiful lasting investment.

Our Top-Secret Rules (Shh, Don’t Tell Anyone)

  1. Safety First: Helmets on, capes fluttering—our crews are safety superheroes! 
  2. No Corners Cut: Seriously, not even mini-croissants. 

Why Boak & Sons? Because We Rock!

  • Roofing: Whether it’s a cozy office building or a sprawling castle, our roofs sing harmonies with the sky. 
  • Insulation: Old or new, we insulate like wizards. Your building will be cozier than a dragon’s den! 
  • Siding: Say hello to the snazziest exteriors in town. We’ve got more styles than a jazz band! 
  • Sheet Metal: Roofs, walls, and everything in between—we’ve got the metal mastery. 

We’re your go-to crew. Let’s turn your property into a masterpiece! 

Pittsburgh, let’s paint the town (and your roofs) with Boak & Sons magic! 

Learn more about our services: Boak & Sons, Inc.

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Thank you for visiting! We look forward to assisting you with all your Pittsburgh exterior construction needs.

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We are proud to hold the following awards & certifications for residential and commercial services:

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