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safety comes first, always!


Our company lives by two simple rules: 1. Safety is always first and 2. Never, ever, EVER cut a corner. With over 180 employees serving our customers, these rules help us achieve superior customer service as well as a work environment that gives our employees a safe place to call home. 

The exterior contracting field has a long list of hazards, and it is our responsibility to address each and everyone at every job site to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. With regular training and constant updates on the latest safety regulations for our field, Boak & Sons continues to be a safe place to work.

Each year, our Safety Council holds the annual, paid Safety Day meeting among our many other meetings. Our entire staff, from the office to the field, attends to learn the latest  requirements in the industry and how those requirements will affect our work force. Training can be focused on anything from proper lift training to harness safety, which are used often across all departments.

 Whether it’s through hands-on training with equipment, video presentations or documented guidelines, no protocol is left unaddressed and trained. We pride ourselves in prioritizing safety both on and off the job here at Boak & Sons.

Commercial & Residential Services

Boak & Sons offers multiple services and materials that are always changing. At Boak & Sons, we give our installers the best training and equipment because we care about quality. We only install the top quality materials in all of our projects, both residential and commercial. With experienced installers, high quality materials and a dedication to excellent customer service, we are dedicated to providing the best exterior contracting experience for all of our customers.

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