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Our commercial roofing services include an experienced roof inspector analyzing your roofing system. Our Roof Asset Management program helps commercial property owners protect their investment and provides support and peace of mind to commercial property managers. This program also makes it easy for individuals to access their roofing details or track the history of completed work electronically at any time and in real time with step-by-step guidance from our technicians.

The inspection process includes two visits a year with two service technicians. An electronic report of this inspection is created complete with overall photos, reports on any recommendations and detailed descriptions of any damage or vulnerable points of the roof, life cycle costs and recommendations. We will walk you through every recommendation to make sure you know exactly what your roof needs and will perform any necessary repairs while on site.

The initial roof inspection is free. Let us help you get as much service life as possible out of your commercial roof with our roof inspectors. 

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Boak & Sons offers multiple services and materials that are always changing. At Boak & Sons, we give our installers the best training and equipment because we care about quality. We only install the top quality materials in all of our projects, both residential and commercial. With experienced installers, high quality materials and a dedication to excellent customer service, we are dedication to providing the best exterior contracting experience for all of our customers.

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