Louisville Elementary School

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Fiberglass Batt Insulation, Polyurethane Foam Insulation


Canton, Ohio

Louisville Elementary School was newly constructed and debuted in 2012. The school currently holds over 1,000 students grades Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Boak & Sons was contracted to insulate the exterior walls of this two story building with R19 foil skrim kraft batts, R11 and R19 sound batts, closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation as well as a vital spray-on fire coating to the exposed foam. Insulation on a project like this is extremely important because it helps with temperature regulation to keep the students and staff inside comfortable, but it also helps control noise flow, creating the best learning environment for all the children who pass through these halls. The fire coating we sprayed on the exposed foam also helps decrease the flammability of the foam in the building which helps increase the safety of the students at Louisville Elementary School. Even after several years, our insulation materials have remained intact and strong. Visit our commercial insulation page to learn more about our commercial insulation services.