Commercial Roof Maintenance & Repair

Commercial roof maintenance and repair programs will help you keep up with minor repairs before they become a problem.

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Call Boak and Sons today for a free roof evaluation to see if your roof is a candidate for a proactive bi-annual maintenance program!

Commercial Roof Maintenance- Inspection

We offer free roof inspection service and maintenance proposals on existing roofs of all major manufacturers. 

Unforeseen roof deficiencies can accelerate the premature failure of the roof system. 

Commercial Roofing Maintenance & Repair Service

A proactive approach to maintaining your roof, as opposed to reactive, can eliminate major problems before they arise. Having your roof inspected bi-annually will increase the chances of minor issues being found and repaired before significant issues arise.

Investing minimally in roof maintenance and service will produce major cost savings of full roof replacements by elongating the remaining useful service life. 

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