3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book an Estimate from the Exterior Contracting Professionals at Boak & Sons

It’s March, and spring is lingering around the corner. While everyone patiently waits for the sun to warm us up, the exterior contracting professionals at Boak & Sons are getting ready for our busy season. We’re booking up FAST for the upcoming warm weather, and we want to make sure our current and potential customers are getting any services they might need scheduled before we get too busy. Here’s why!

  1. The longer you wait to schedule, the worse current damage could get.

If you think your roof, siding or gutters need repaired due to damage or deterioration, don’t wait to schedule an estimate. These problems can lead to further damage if left unaddressed! It’s better to get on the schedule now so your repairs can be made before the damage gets worse. Additional damage can lead to higher costs!


  1. Scheduling now will help us get to you in a more timely fashion.

During the busy season, it’s common for us to schedule roof repairs and replacements weeks in advance. If you wait to schedule your estimate with our exterior contracting professionals you may have to wait longer to start your project.

  1. Scheduling early takes one thing off your busy to do list!

We want to help you make this process as easy as possible. Help us help you by scheduling your exterior contracting job sooner rather than later! Even if you don’t want to start a project right away, getting your estimate taken care of can help you check another box on your to do list. Plus, there is no obligation to schedule the job when you receive your estimate!


As the weather gets warmer, our phone has been ringing off the hook. Don’t wait to get your projects started! Scheduling a free estimate is easy. Just call our office at 330-793-5646 and let us know what kind of service you’re looking for! Or, you can fill out the contact form on our website.

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