How to Prepare for your Spring Roofing Project from the Residential Roofers at Boak & Sons

If you look outside right now, you might see snow. Depending on the time of day, you might see rain or sunshine or clouds; you can never be sure in Northeast Ohio or Western Pennsylvania. One thing we do know is that eventually, spring will come! Here at Boak & Sons, our residential roofing department is working like crazy to get our spring job schedule in order. To help save you time when it comes to your residential roofing project, our residential roofing department wants to share some ways you can prepare for your spring project!

  1. Pick your shingle style and color beforehand.
    Your choice in shingles goes right into our written contract, and we can’t start your project until that contract is complete. One of the most common delays we experience in residential roofing is when a homeowner hasn’t decided on a shingle style or color! We supply a large variety of shingles to suit your personal style. Take a look at some of those shingles supplied by Owens Corning and see which ones you think would suit your roof!

  2. Be flexible – we can’t predict the weather!
    Nobody can tell when the weather will take a turn. Often times we will have a project start date scheduled and by the time we’re ready to go, the roof is covered in snow and there have been numerous days lost to rain. For our crews’ safety, we want to make sure conditions allow for your work to be done safely. This means we will need to reschedule the start of your project. We always do our best to prioritize rescheduled projects, so please work with us to get your project started in a timely fashion!

  3. Keep an open mind during the project.
    Many people call us when they notice a leak and think it’s just a roofing repair job. However, if you’re experiencing a leak, there’s a good chance you might have some further damage beneath the surface. Our company never EVER cuts corners, and if necessary, you can trust the roofing professionals at Boak to make sure your job is done right.


These are just some helpful tips on how to make your spring residential roofing project easier for everyone. If you have questions about your scheduled project, give us a call at 330-793-5646. Or, if you want to be added to our spring schedule, submit a contact form on our website for a free estimate from one of our residential roofing project managers!

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