Risks of Trusting Unknown Companies with Exterior Contracting Jobs from Boak & Sons

At Boak & Sons, supporting the community and giving back has always been a huge part of our business. We are always supportive of small, family-owned companies who are doing their part to make our community so great. However, when it comes to exterior contracting jobs, trusting an unestablished company can be risky. There is a big difference between a small business and a guy with a truck. While we are a small, local company ourselves, we have built a lasting and trustworthy reputation with our clients. We are also established in our industry and follow certain rules and regulations when we do our work, complete with detailed contracts and legal documentation as well as workers compensation and insurance. To help other small businesses do the same and to help protect our community, our experts in exterior contracting jobs put a list together of the risks associated with trusting a small company with your projects.

  1. Lack of quality work.

We understand that many people in the community want to support local businesses, which sometimes means calling a number on the side of a pickup truck when you need some shingles repaired. However, unless that number takes you to a qualified company you might be paying for work that is going to need redone in a short amount of time. Saving money is important, but so is getting your money’s worth in quality of work!


  1. Scammers are real!

As much as we’d like to say nobody in our community has ever been taken advantage of during exterior contracting jobs, that’s simply not the case. Many small companies have made promises they don’t keep, and likely take your money and run without even lifting a shingle. Without legal documentation and signed contracts, it’s all too easy for these small companies to take advantage of people.


  1. No legal contract.

Like we said before, many of these small companies do work based on verbal agreements. This can cause problems down the road when the crew says you owe much more than you initially planned on. By having everything in writing, you can save yourself the risk of losing time and money.

Before hiring a contractor, do your homework! Talk to the Better Business Bureau and your neighbors to learn more about a company before you hire them. Also, know the signs of an unestablished roofer, such as having a truck without the company name on the side, no ladders on their work trucks, the company number provided is a cell phone, etc.

Boak & Sons was founded on the idea of building a small business to provide economical exterior contracting services to our community. Since then, we have grown into a much larger company, but we still follow the same ideals as Sam Boak and his father did back in 1974. Family and the community are at the heart of our business, and we will always treat our customers fairly and with professionalism. Schedule a free estimate with Boak & Sons at www.boakandsons.com/contact or call our office at 330-793-5746 today!


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