Top 3 things to consider before installing your own insulation from the residential insulation professionals at Boak & Sons

As a residential and commercial insulation contractor with over 45 years of experience, Boak & Sons knows that insulation can be a big project to tackle on your own. Our insulation professionals are trained to do these jobs and are continuously installing insulation materials in many different buildings and homes over the years. The Department of Energy estimates that you can save from 10 to 50 percent on your heating bills when your home is properly insulated, so we understand that this is an important project to get done!

While we always are happy to help homeowners with their insulation projects, we also support homeowners who prefer the DIY method. To help prepare a homeowner who is interested in a DIY insulation project, our residential insulation professionals put together a list of the top 3 things you should consider before installing insulation yourself:

  1. Safety comes first!

This is the number one rule here at Boak & Sons for a good reason. When installing insulation materials, there are several safety considerations to keep in mind. To protect your skin and eyes from the irritating fibers that can be found in insulation materials, it’s important to wear protective clothing and eyewear, such as safety glasses and long sleeve shirts and gloves. You also should wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in those fibers! Another safety consideration to keep in mind is where you’ll be installing insulation. Some crawl spaces and attics can be dangerous to access, so make sure you plan that out before you enter the space. Once again, this is something our insulation professionals are trained to do!


  1. You cannot add new insulation to existing insulation.

This is a question we receive on a regular basis. If you already have insulation in your home that is inadequate, you can’t simply add more to it. The old insulation will need to be removed entirely before new insulation can be installed! Adding new insulation on top of old will not adequately fill and insulate the space, so you’ll have spent the time and money for nothing!


  1. There’s more to it than just stuffing pink fluff in the walls.

Insulation projects require more work than some people might think. There are different types of insulation materials that need to be installed properly in order to get the best results, and there are other important steps to take such as ventilation.

Installing your own residential insulation is not impossible, but it’s definitely something homeowners should research and prepare for ahead of time. Or, you could save yourself the time and frustration and schedule a free estimate with the insulation professionals at Boak & Sons! We will take a look at your space and recommend the best insulation material for you, as well as provide a free estimate for the project so you know what to expect. We’ve often found that our price is comparable to what you would spend if you did it yourself anyway, but we can save you the time and hassle. To learn more about our residential insulation services or schedule your free estimate, visit our website or call our office at 330-793-5646 to speak to one of our project managers!

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