How Insulation Increases Safety at Work from the Insulation Department at Boak & Sons

If you know anything about Boak & Sons, it’s probably that safety is our company’s number one rule. From the crews in the field to our office staff, we make safety our top priority every day. Our work environment is unique in the fact that we have both an office setting along with a warehouse. Our employees rely on this space being a safe working environment, and like many other companies, we have safety policies in place to make it one. However, many don’t realize that one of the important steps we took to create a safe work environment here at Boak & Sons was to have the entire building insulated – including both our office space and the warehouse.

Why is this important? There are several ways that insulation can improve safety. Whether you work in an office setting, a warehouse or anything in between, if it’s indoors, it should be insulated! Here’s a few reasons why from our insulation department:

  1.  Have you ever walked into a noisy warehouse? Tools, forklifts and machinery are running, all causing noise to echo off the walls. The same goes for an office. Ringing phones and computers can be noisy. This can be a problem for multiple reasons. Not only can these noises be extremely distracting and lower production, they can also be safety hazards. The noise may be too loud to hear someone giving a warning, and can also be damaging to the employees’ hearing. Insulation can help with this! Insulation acts as a sound barrier and can help absorb sound to keep your office or warehouse quieter. It can help reduce the noise that goes from room to room. This is crucial at Boak & Sons because our warehouse is attached to our offices, but with the insulation materials our own crews installed, we don’t hear all the distracting sounds coming from the rest of the building.
  1. Temperature Regulation. It’s no mystery that the temperature in your work place makes a huge impact on your comfort level. In extremely cold weather, your building can be freezing if it’s not insulated properly. The same goes for hot days. Working in extreme heat or cold can be dangerous for employees, not to mention it’s uncomfortable and lowers morale. Insulation can help keep the cold air out in the winter and the hot air out in the summer. This will also help with controlling your heating and cooling costs, saving you money in the long run. Win-win!

  2. Moisture Control. Insulation can help reduce mold and mildew in your office or warehouse. The insulation creates a barrier to keep excess moisture out, which helps to improve the air quality that you and other employees are breathing all day every day! This also helps prevent damage to your equipment such as rotting and rust.

Insulation has many benefits, and these safety benefits are what our insulation department considers to be some of the most important. Boak & Sons specializes in many different insulation material installations, such as traditional fiberglass, core foam and spray foam. To learn more about our commercial insulation services, visit our commercial insulation page. If you already know your building needs insulation, fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate with our insulation department or call our office at 330-793-5646!

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