Professional Exterior Contractors Work through the winter at Boak & Sons

The cold season is here whether we like it or not! Chilling temperatures, snow and ice might sound like the perfect reason for exterior contracting projects to be put on hold. While there are contingencies to what can be done in winter conditions, our professional exterior contractors are still able to work on many jobs throughout the season!


The insulation department at Boak & Sons is thriving as the weather gets colder. This is the time of year when people start to realize the need for insulation in their home, garage, office or commercial building whether its batts, blown-in or foam insulation. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we aren’t putting our insulation crews to work! Since most insulation work is installed from the inside of the building, our employees have no problems getting your space ready for the cold. Click here to learn more about our insulation services.


Both our commercial and residential roofing installers have been busy this year, and the warm winter we’ve had has only helped us get more construction projects done this late in the year. However, we know that the warmer temperatures won’t last for long. Safety is the number one rule at Boak & Sons, and we take that rule very seriously. Working on a roof in freezing temperatures with snow and ice can be extremely dangerous for our crews and we would never put them in a dangerous situation. However, we know that the weather can be unpredictable and we can get a beautiful day out of nowhere!

We are often able to work on a residential or commercial roof in the winter. If you have a bad leak, our professional exterior contractors will do our best to make temporary roof repairs to hold you over till the weather clears and we can make a full repair. Something else to keep in mind are the materials we use. Our professional roofing installers know the best materials to use as the temperatures drop for both commercial and residential roofing, whether it be shingles, low slope, standing seam metal roofing or any of the other installations we specialize in. The best way to find out exactly what we can do for your roof is to give us a call to schedule a free estimate, or you can visit our website to view all of our roofing services.


Ice can take a toll on your gutters, and cold temperatures and snow can damage your siding. These are all issues that our professional exterior contractors are able to handle throughout the winter! If ice is collecting in your gutters, water might be running off in the wrong places or could be pooling on your roof. This is a major cause for leaks!

If you are shoveling snow, be careful! Many vinyl siding products, even the high quality materials installed by Boak & Sons, become brittle in cold temperatures. If a heavy amount of snow hits the siding it could cause it to crack. Whether your siding becomes damaged this winter or it was damaged a while ago and you’re just now noticing it, don’t let the cold weather keep you from calling us! Speak to a project manager or visit our website to view all of our siding services or our gutter services.

Our professional exterior contractors are committed to excellent quality service in every job we do. While there are certain weather conditions we are not able to work in to keep our crews safe, we will do our best to help you with your project needs! Give us a call at 330-793-5646 to speak to any of our department managers or visit our website to schedule your free estimate!

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