Top 3 Signs of Bad or Insufficient Insulation from the Insulation Professionals at Boak & Sons, Inc.

Colder temperatures have arrived causing many people to crank up their heat. Making your home warm this winter can be expensive if you have bad or insufficient insulation. The insulation professionals at Boak & Sons have been working like crazy to help homeowners and businesses manage their heating costs by professionally insulating their spaces. With so many questions about how to tell if their insulation is bad or insufficient, we decided to put together a list of the top 3 signs of either bad or insufficient insulation in your home or building:

  1. Your space is still cold with the heat on full blast. If your home or commercial building is insulated properly, heat shouldn’t be escaping and cold air shouldn’t be entering. If you keep cranking your heat and your space is still full of cold air, the heat could be slipping right through the walls or ceiling, or even both!
  2. You have an old home or building. If your home was built before 1980 you might not have insulation at all. However, that doesn’t mean homes built after 1980 are fully insulated either. If you’re unsure if you have existing insulation, give us a call so our insulation professionals can take a look.
  3. Holes or damage in your roofing and siding. The roof and siding of your home or building protects the internal layers. Part of those internal layers is the insulation. If you have holes, cracks or other damage to your roof or siding, it’s very possible that moisture is getting in and could be damaging the insulation.

It’s important to realize that the insulation professionals at Boak & Sons cannot add new insulation to prior existing insulation. We’re committed to superior service and if we install new insulation over old, problems could come up later down the road from the old insulation. If you have bad insulation that needs replaced, you more than likely will need to do some remodeling work. Either way, our insulation project managers are happy to take a look at your space to see what your insulation needs are and give you a free estimate.

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