5 Tips on Hanging Christmas Lights without Damaging your Residential Gutters from the Experts at Boak & Sons

Don’t pull a Clark Griswald this Christmas! Boak & Sons wants to make sure that you have a beautiful Christmas display without damaging your residential gutters. There are plenty of methods to hanging Christmas lights that will both impress your neighbors and protect your gutters from damage!

  1. Use removable hooks instead of tape or nails. Heavy duty tape can pull at your gutters and leave unsightly residue. Nails obviously put holes in your gutters and roofing which can cause leaks. There are many styles of hooks you can use that fasten securely and safely to your residential gutters!

  2. Give yourself plenty of slack. Pulling your lights too tight can cause tension on your gutter system so make sure have plenty of room to work with.

  3. Don’t hang too many in one area. Christmas lights can get heavy if you hang too many from one section of your gutters. This can cause pulling and stress on the system.

  4. Keep cords close to the side of the house. The last thing you want is something, or someone, getting caught up or tripping on the wires that are attached to your residential gutters and pulling them down. Make sure you keep the wires tucked as close to the siding as possible to avoid trip hazards.
  5. Be cautious while hanging the lights! The residential gutter installers at Boak & Sons are more than capable of making sure your gutters are installed securely, but they’re not built to support a person. Try not to hold onto your gutters for balance while you’re hanging your Christmas lights, because if you were to slip and fall you could end up pulling your gutters right off of your home!

Boak & Sons is happy to help with your residential gutter repairs should something go wrong, but we’re hoping these tips help prevent that need! If you do need gutter replacement or repairs, contact us today for a free estimate on our website or call the office at 330-793-5646!

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