3 Ways to Give Back from the Insulation Contractors at Boak & Sons

The holidays are quickly approaching! As the insulation season starts to pick up, Boak & Sons continues to focus on excellent quality service. However, we also take the time to focus on giving back to the community. We like to instill the importance of giving back year-round, but especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Throughout this month, we want to challenge people to do something that will make someone else thankful. Here’s a few ways the insulation contractors at Boak & Sons are giving back, and how you can, too!

  1. Boak & Sons recently donated gently used shoes to a church that was collecting them for people in need. This was a very simple way for our entire staff to get involved in a great cause. There are plenty of local charities that do donation drives where you can make a big difference.
  2. Take some extra time out of your day to volunteer. It could be at your local animal shelter, hospital, or maybe just taking your family to a local park and picking up trash. An hour of your time could make a huge impact on your community! If you own a business, make it a work event and get your employees involved.
  3. Acts of kindness. This one is easy! Buy an extra coffee on your way to work and give it to a coworker or compliment your friend out of the blue. Small gestures like this can make another person’s day.

“As a leading exterior contracting company, we greatly depend on the community’s support,” says Sam Boak, president and founder of Boak & Sons. “We want to show the community that we’re more than a business, and hopefully inspire other insulation contractors or any exterior contractors like us to give back as well.”

Every year, Sam Boak provides a honey suckle turkey to each of his employees. While many of the turkeys are taken home to family members, often times there are leftover turkeys that we donate to those in need. If you know of a family or organization that could benefit from a delicious Thanksgiving turkey, please reach out to us so we can make it happen!

You can call our office at 330-793-5646, or email our Marketing Director, Brianna Figley, at bfigley@boakandsons.com. We hope to inspire you and those around you to make someone thankful during this holiday season!

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