New Insulation from Boak & Sons Doesn’t have to be Scary

There’s no denying that cold weather is on the way. If your home or commercial building is not properly insulated, you could be paying a fortune this winter trying to stay warm. Getting new insulation might sound like a scene from a scary movie, but the experts at Boak & Sons can help show you why it’s necessary, and may be a more simple process than you think!

Homes that are built before 1980 probably don’t even have insulation, or at least not a sufficient amount. However, that doesn’t mean houses built after 1980 are good to go. According to our project managers, we recommend installing new or updated insulation to over 80% of the homes we look at. If your home or commercial building falls into that category, it isn’t being protected from the harsh winter temperatures we experience in Northeast Ohio and Eastern Pennsylvania. An insulated home can save you up to 50% per year in heating costs depending on the size of your home. Plus, when the temperatures finally start to rise again you can save on cooling costs, too!

Even if your home already has insulation, it could need replaced. If it gets wet it can lose its thermal resistance. Wet insulation could be the result of a roof or siding leak – so if you think yours is getting wet, call our office to schedule a free estimate and get the leak addressed! While you’re at it, ask about getting new insulation installed.

Installation is easier than you might think, especially for the experts here at Boak & Sons! Depending on what type of insulation material you need and the size of the project, we can get you ready for winter in less than a day. To learn about the different types of insulation materials we install at Boak & Sons, click here. We start the process with a free estimate, which you can schedule on our website. One of our project managers will then contact you to schedule your estimate and will personally come to your property to discuss your new insulation needs.

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