National Roofing Week at Boak & Sons Kicks off With Charitable Projects

Today is the first day of National Roofing Week. Throughout the week, we will be spending time highlighting some key topics that come with being an established roofing business in our community. Monday is our day to highlight charitable projects.

At Boak & Sons, we aim to give back to the community as much as possible. “As a local company, we take from our community and it is our responsibility to give back to that same community,” Says Sam Boak, president of Boak & Sons, Inc. 

Last year we highlighted the War Vet Museum in Canfield, Ohio. This year for National Roofing Week, we are highlighting a project that is near and dear to Sam Boak.

National Roofing Week Charitable Project

Each year, Sam makes a donation of goods and services to the buildings at Camp Fitch up in Lake Erie to ensure the camps continued success. “During a visit years ago, a young boy told me his favorite part of summer camp was being away from the yelling and screaming he hears at home. This struck me. Camp Fitch doesn’t just offer fun and games for kids, it offers an escape for children from all walks of life,” Says Sam Boak about the project. “We all have the ability to change the world, even if it’s just for one person at a time.”

Boak & Sons recently completed five roofing projects on brand new cabins which will be used for girls aged 11-12 years old. The cabins are just one of many projects that Boak & Sons has worked on for the camp. These new cabins have bathrooms, multiple bunks, and long lasting shingle roofs to ensure campers have the best experience possible.

“We are super grateful for everything Sam Boak and Boak & Sons has helped us with,” Says a director at Camp Fitch. “These new cabins give us a fresh update but more importantly than that, they allow for greater supervision, safety, and a better experience for our kids.”

You can make a significant impact on a child’s life by donating here to send a kid to Camp. Help Sam Boak continue giving kids a positive and fun experience during the kick off day of National Roofing Week!

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