Boak & Sons Sees Influx of Residential Roofing and Siding Inquiries Due to Storms

Boak & Sons has seen an influx in residential roofing and siding damage on homes around Northeast Ohio this Spring Season. Strong winds can blow residential siding off homes and shingles off of roofs. Even if the wind doesn’t do damage, fallen tree branches or hail dent and damage siding and shingles. This has more home owners seeking an exterior contractor for residential roofing and siding repair and replacement.

During severe storms, your home is susceptible to exterior damage. Homes with old siding and shingles are at an added risk due to years of wear and tear. Sam Boak, president of Boak & Sons, knows that this time of year is hard on homeowners.

“After a storm, we get an abundance of phone calls for residential roofing and siding estimates.” Sam Boak says. “We have already had quite a few storms this spring and we are working around the weather to ensure all our clients receive a quality repair.”

Avoid Storm Chasers

Storm chasers look for homes that are missing shingles or siding knowing home owners are looking for a quick fix. They show up after bad storms to prey on worried home owners who can be easily pressured into a sale in order to quickly repair their home. The work is often substandard and likely to fail prematurely, leaving the home owner with additional costly repairs.

Homeowners should do their research before hiring an exterior contractor to repair their residential roofing and siding after a wind or rain storm. A reliable exterior contractor will be established in the community, have many testimonials and references, as well as certifications and service awards. 

“You are hiring a professional for a service, home owners should expect a quality job. Once you agree to a price, the work should be done properly” says Boak. “If we do something, we do it right. Nobody at Boak & Sons is sales commissioned. There is never a reason to lie to get the sale.”

With more storms and wind in our future, remember there are quality local roofers who will provide a quality service. No home owner should have to pay to repair their home damage twice so make sure it is done correctly the first time.

If your residential roofing and siding is missing or damaged, give us a call at 330.793.5646 or send us a message here for a free estimate!

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